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Learn the process of sand casting

In the beginning of Casting Technology category, I would like to introduce to you “Sand casting technology” Casting sand mold can be said as a traditional casting method. With materials mainly sand, the additive can create a unique name for each individual method. The following are sand casting methods

1. Technology of casting fresh sand mold
Perhaps the fresh sand mold was first used in sand mold technology. Materials for making molds are sand, clay, water. The fresh sand mold has easy-to-use characteristics, the surface of the cast will be smooth if the grain size is small. But because in the mold making process, it is necessary to type the sample to escape the sample, so the casting product will have a great processing strength. Especially fresh mold line has been automated as DISAMATIC line at Dong Anh Mechanical Company – fully automatic
2. Dry mold technology
In dry mold technology, if the fresh mold is dried in an oven about 5 hours before pouring, it is also called a dry mold.
Here we introduce to you the technology of molded glass water sand with carbon dioxide. Glass water also known as sodium silicate solution is mixed into sand and then pounded. After the mold has finished, spray carbon dioxide to solidify the mold. It is due to the chemical reaction between sodium silicate and carbon dioxide and water (alkaline and acid reaction) The glass water sand mold technology is easy to make, easy to use, the product has less processing time, tougher mold. has been widely applied in most casting companies nationwide. The only drawback is that sand recycling is a must
3. Fire mold technology
This is a technology that is newer than traditional methods. To cast a product, we need to make the product with polyesteron, then put it in the mold and pour dry sand into it, combined with vacuum, the mold will be firm. When pouring the metal into the mold, the Polyesteron sample will burn and the liquid metal will fill the mold.
4. Plastic sand mold technology
This is a new technology with sand treated by a factory covering 1 layer of plastic. When producing sand mixed with formaldehyde acid, it will be cold-hard plastic sand mold, or heated sand mold will be hot-solid plastic sand mold.
5. Furan technology
This is the technology line that Japanese companies prefer because sand will be mixed with Furan resin and acid, the mold will harden very well, the product has smooth surface but the problem is environmental pollution. work because furan plastic smell is very toxic.
Above are some common sand casting methods. Besides, it is impossible to list the methods of special properties that have been studied and applied, will introduce you in the following articles.